Monday, May 3, 2010

Breakfast at Su Casa B&B

Breakfast at a bed and breakfast seems to be largely misunderstood. Many first-time inngoers are under the impression that they will have no input, they will be forced to eat food that provokes their allergies, they will be required to eat with strangers with nothing to say to each other, resulting in uncomfortable silence, and that another stranger - the innkeeper - will come to the table and put a very small portion of some strange food in front of them and then leave. Thankfully, none of the above ideas are true now, if in fact they ever were.

At Su Casa B&B, we make a concerted effort to cook and serve a breakfast that all guests will enjoy. Each guest is asked at the time the reservation is confirmed, to inform the innkeeper of any food allergies, dislikes and preferences, and again when they arrive. Many guests do this gladly. There are some who are reluctant to say, for one reason or the other. They may think they are being too much trouble if they say they do not care for pancakes or for eggs. The outcome is that the innkeeper arises at 6 a.m. and begins cooking what she believes will be a breakfast that will make her guests happy. Most dishes are prepared from scratch. She may take the time, for example, to make home-made cinnamon rolls only to be told at breakfast that the guests do not eat cinnamon rolls. Another example is asking guests if they like fresh fruit. And going a step farther, asking if there is any fruit they do NOT like to eat. Everyone responds that they love all kinds of fresh fruit. The next morning, a creative and beautiful fresh fruit dish is served and guests do not eat it. Please keep in mind that when the innkeeper asks what you like to eat or do not like to eat, she is doing this for herself (and her budget) as much as for the guest. There are so many hundreds of breakfast dishes that may be created and served that it is quite easy at a small inn like Su Casa B&B to ask all the guests what they do or do not like to eat, then to decide what best to serve to accommodate everyone. The one exception may be if there is one or two persons out of six guests or so who wants a small, healthy breakfast like cereal or oatmeal and nothing else. The innkeeper is very happy to accommodate such a simple request.

As to eating breakfast with strangers, people quickly find a non-controversial topic that everyone is interested in whether it be sports or raising children or dogs or travel. In the nearly eleven years that Su Casa B&B has been open, only a handful of people, usually newlyweds, have asked to have breakfast in their room. The rooms are not outfitted with tables and chairs for dining, but guests are welcome to take their breakfast to their room and eat on wooden tray tables if they wish. In the summer, two of the three rooms have a private deck overlooking the pool, with tables and chairs. Also, poolside breakfasts are quite popular in the summer. Out of necessity, a breakfast at any location other than the large dining table will usually be be a one-plate breakfast rather than the elaborate family-style breakfast that is offered in the dining room.

All allergies and food preferences are taken into account when the innkeeper is advised in advance of the stay. Because the grocery shopping is already completed by the time the guest arrives, check-in is not the time to let the innkeeper know of something you must have.

Finally, guests are not required to partake of Su Casa's breakfast at all if they do not wish to. But they are required to show up at the table at the agreed upon time. If guests come in late, after a concert or a night on the town, and know they will not be able to or not want to get up early enough for breakfast, all that is required is a simple note left for the innkeeper, "no breakfast for us". The innkeeper will understand and respect that request, will adjust her portions accordingly, and everyone will be happy. Please visit the Su Casa B&B Facebook page for pictures and a photo album of a few of our breakfast dishes.

Lois Hoover
Innkeeper, Su Casa B&B

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