Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why a Southwest Theme at a Kansas City Bed and Breakfast?

The question you and many others are probably asking is WHY? Why open a bed and breakfast in a house on five acres of fertile Missouri land, the heart of the Midwest, add ponies, miniature donkeys, llamas and other animals, and call it a Southwestern inn? To answer that question, you only need to look at the house itself. A large sprawling ranch house, that so obviously is NOT a mansion, or Victorian or Georgian or Antebellum or Colonial or Queen Anne or any of the other inns most people have seen or visited. The house beckoned to me 14 years ago from the very first moment I crested the slight hill and looked over at it, all spilled out on its large plot of ground and stuck in a residential area where you would least expect it. At the time, the hot decorating trend in the Midwest was called Country, consisting of lots of light blue hearts and flowers. No offense to anyone, but I really never warmed to that look. I love color! Lots of it - big beautiful bold color. The house was all white inside, with all beige carpeting - a blank slate in the way that realtors recommend to people trying to sell. It made me cringe. I could see the color wanting to come out and play.

With an undergraduate major in the cultures and subcultures of America, I love and respect the many different people that make up the American mosaic. In particular, I love the three cultures that compose the Great American Southwest. The first is the Old West, the second is Native America, and the third is Mexican or Latin American. These three cultures are rich in heritage, in the colors that are found in daily lives, in their culture through food and music and in so many other ways. The name of the inn literally rolled off my tongue soon after I became the proud owner of this "hacienda". I sometimes joke that the house actually named itself. Of the three guest rooms of Su Casa B&B, the decor of the Sedona Room represents the Old West, the Santa Fe Room represents Native America, and the Cancun Room represents the tropical feel of the Mexican Riviera. The decor for each room compliments its theme and character to an extent, but combines with the many modern amenities for which Su Casa B&B is well known, which now includes a guest computer center and free WiFi. Authentic Native American pottery purchased on my many trips to the West and the Southwest, artwork reflecting the Old West and its love for horses, sturdy Mexican furniture blended with modern jetted bathtubs, a hot tub, cozy electric fireplaces, comfortable bedding, a movie theater and swimming pool and colors that are represented in the beauty of the dessert and mountains of this amazing country of ours.
Lois Hoover
Su Casa B&B

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